Soaring Eagle Farms


We take pride in the stallion component of Soaring Eagle Farms.  Here you will find some of the most progressive, clean-jointed, good-moving horses in the country.  Our up-and-coming colts offer superior potential for those shopping for a new herd sire.


Plunton Calum Maelogan (deceased)

(Padro‚Äôs Megan of Circle Arrow x Thistle Ridge Argyll Enhancer) 

Max 001


Gregglea HC Pilot

(Rose Hill Gordette x Highfield Collessie)







 Kenbar Toby

(Cedarlane Nora x Stoneyleigh Major Jackey)



Freedom Highland Tyson

(Freedom Royal Melody x Zorra Highland Captain)


Hollow Creek Cooper

(Willow Way Izzy x Maple Stone Excel)



Anderson's Admiral


(Blackgate Lorna Doone x Cawood Commodore)


Bandirran Lord Ethan

(Kypehall Mistina x Great American G.W. Carver)

Imported from R & H Brewster & Helen Carr Methven, Perth, GB

Ozark's Royal Fraser

(Ozark's Royal Jewel x Kenbar Toby)


Ozark's Royal Fischer

(Freedom Majestic Fancy x Gregglea HC Pilot)


Thorpe Hill Footprint

(Ainville Queen Bee x Thorpe Hill Challenger)

Imported from Paul & Matthew Bedford Whixley, York GB